Hotwife JoJo

My Story

I am married but always for looking men for NSA sex"I have always been a highly sexed girl, I started my sexual adventures in my early teens and have been enjoying different scenarios ever since.

In 2000 I was living in England and in an unhappy marriage, I mentioned to some of my friends how unhappy and bored I was, so one of them introduced me to a friend of his - dirtydavid.

DirtyDavid is a swinger who has been running swingers websites for some 16 years now. He also became my lover, boyfriend then husband.

My Fetishes

I am a Hotwife - I love to Cuckold David

David has no issues with my love of sex and has always been happy to be a cuckold and enjoys:

  • Watching me fucking other guys
  • Waiting home while I go out for sex with other guys
  • Driving me to dates with other guys and coming to collect me afterwards
  • Holding and kissing me while a guy fucks me
  • Fucking me when my pussy is full of other guys cum

As yet I have not got him to suck another guy.

I am a Greedy Girl

I love having sex with groups of guys:

When I get going, I am happy for everyone around me to join in

I have had dozens of sessions with 3 guys

My best score in one evening was on July 1st 2001 on the round bed in Chameleons club in Birmingham England when I fucked 4 guys (plus David) and gave another 10 a blowjob.

The most I fucked in one night was in November that same year when I fucked 6 guys (plus David) in one evening.

I love having a cock (or 2) in my pussy, another in my mouth and one in each hand.

I am also bisexual, so I am equally happy having a girl sit on my face while a guy fucks me, or a girl lick me out while I give her man a blowjob.

I love Cum

I love cum! I like to:

  • Have guys fuck me bareback and cum inside me
  • Have guys cum in my mouth - I always swallow
  • Have guys shoot their cum on my open pussy lips
  • Lick cum from other girls pussies
  • Have multiple loads of cum in my pussy
  • Watch cum covered cocks sliding in and out of my pussy
  • Have guys or girls eat my cream pies.

I am a Cougar

My preference is always for younger guys, my youngest in the last 10 years was a couple of days before his 18th birthday (I found out afterwards).

I usually prefer my lovers to be in their early to mid twenties, but if a guy is a flirt and a charmer then age limits go out the window.

Also when I am already getting shagged in a group situation its very much a case of don't just stand there FUCK ME!

I like Big Black Cock

Have a look on my galley page to see me in action with Charles.(he was one of my lovers a few years back)

Here are a couple of Video Clips of me with Charles - sorry the sound track has got corrupted, I am trying to transfer them from VHS to the computer again.

Charles cumming on me

Both of us cumming

Me with some of my lovers over the years

me with a pussy full of cum waiting for David to fuck me

JoJo with 2 guys in November 2001

I am a cougar, I enjoy my men young

I love cum, in or on me

Cuckolding - jojo with 3 lovers